Birds Paradise

Birds are the real beauty of the earth!…still we are missing because of our envious thought…i don’t believe why people not coming forward to making their environment as like past (growing trees/plants in their home, keep some food and water to the birds, allowing it to making their nests, …etc.,) where the beauty is flown here and there. Any how i put some images and a bit of info. about the beauties by the way i can remember my past  where i’m a bird lover (still too)… and while seeing the post even some of my friends also remember their thoughts…


 Another name of the bird is vanampadi. Small in size often can seen in paddy fields! sorry for metro people. Is famous for singing…and its song also very nice to hear!

Asian paradise flycatcher – Male

Its very rare to seen this bird, because its lesser in population and almost about to extinct. The male is white in color and have a big tail…its used to feed small flies…

Asian paradise flycatcher – Female

Asian Paradise-flycatchers their heads are glossy black with a black crown and crest, their black bill round and sturdy, their eyes black. Female are rufous on the back with a greyish throat and underparts. Male Asian Paradise-flycatchers change the color of their plumage in the first few years of their lives. Sub-adult males look very much like females but have a black throat and blue-ringed eyes.

Red Vented Bullbul

The Red-vented Bulbul widespread species.


These birds are brown in color, grey throat and breast with some mottling, and a pale buff belly. The head and nape are grey. The rump is paler and the tail has a broad dark tip. Birds in the extreme south of India. The eye is bluish white. The Indian form is more heavily streaked on the throat and breast.

Black Drongo

Is a night fly catcher we can seen day and night times…but fed on night times mostly. It usually fed small flies when they come nearer to light particularly…due to its ambience. The drongo have small sharp flights which make ’em to turn quickly and fly fast for shorter distance. It always helps  farmers by reducing the insects which are really harmful to the crops.
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