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Strangers are really shareholders?

See, When we seeing a people in our life at first time they may probably a stranger…(consider when joining in a new company, or seeing a person in bus or at elsewhere…) after a while we keep our thoughts…When seeing the person again & again the tightly coupled thoughts get loosen (meant loosely coupled – sharing architecture) after a long  the binding happens which forms a new level of relation often called “friendship” i agree everyone like that…

But, when the level of  friendship goes deeply the “thinking ability” rethinks about the gender in-turn or in-case if the gender is opposite sex then one-day the stranger may be a “tenant” without knowing  to the owner the property…however he/she might be the shareholder one day… Did you agree (if-yes kindly post a comment otherwise is adverse!)

I think the topic may be ambiguous to some people…otherwise i may conclude wrongly.

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